Oat Cakes (or what to do with leftover oatmeal)


If you’ve got leftover oatmeal, pack it up and put it in the fridge for the next day. When breakfast time rolls around, add an egg or two to your now cold oatmeal. Mix it together with clean hands as if you’re making meatloaf or hamburgers. Shape it into little cakes and pan fry them until fox colored. Serve with chutney or achar. More on achar later.


I love the idea of frying until “fox colored.” This sweet little phrase came from a recipe husband came across while living in Japan. He was making the small meat-filled dumplings called gyoza. The directions, when translated into English said to “fry until fox colored.” Makes you think of the perfect shade of reddish gold. Just like your pretty little oat cakes.


Whereas oatmeal is usually a sweet breakfast dish, oat cakes are decidedly savory. I usually put a pinch of salt into the “batter” and a grinding of fresh pepper on top once fried. But it’s the toppings you serve them with that really make this a great breakfast dish. At our house, we love to serve oat cakes with achar. For those intimately familiar with Indian cuisine this is an addictive condiment served with everything from omelettes to freshly made parathas. 


Indians and Pakistanis believe that achar can cause sore throats or dry coughs. It’s definitely a bit spicy, but I’m not sure how it might contribute to a cough. Nonetheless, while traveling in Pakistan, having both and an addiction to garlic achar and a lingering dry cough, I ran into a bit of trouble. The family I was staying with insisted that I stay away from the achar to avoid prolonging my affliction. Not one to be put off so easily, I could be found most mornings in the kitchen begging the cook (who spoke as much English as I spoke Urdu) for achar using hand gestures and mime. Achar is good enough to risk both your respiratory health and family politics to get to eat it with your morning eggs or oat cakes. Try some!

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  1. sophie Says:

    That is such a cool idea, I never would’ve thought of that :) !

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