Brown Rice for Breakfast

It’s becoming obvious that breakfast is a popular topic around here. A healthful breakfast really does set you up for the day. For most people, breakfast should be a combination of complex carbs and protein with a bit of fat thrown in for staying power. Common American breakfast foods such as cereal, donuts and other sweets are out.


So around our house, unconventional breakfast foods work out the best. A favorite is brown rice with healthful toppings of one sort of another. My husband prefers a fried egg, my daughter just a bit of sea salt and I prefer a bit of shredded cheddar cheese with a dash of sea salt.


Making brown rice can be a bit daunting… unless you have the right tools. Enter the super-duper Japanese rice cooker. Some rinsed brown rice, water up to here, set the timer for bright and early the next morning and you’re all set. The delightful aroma of freshly cooked nutty brown rice and a healthful breakfast await.

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  1. deb Says:

    Brown rice definitely has a flavour quite distinct from your basic white rice, and Deb’s right — the Zojirushi rice cooker definitely makes a world of difference.

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