This New Zealand Life


For me, life in New Zealand has been all about lifestyle. We went from a harried lifestyle in the US to this New Zealand Life.

Most Saturdays find us mucking about it the vege garden. Usually it’s pulling weeds and watering, but today we did a bit of hand to hand combat with the compost pile, dragged giant ropes of grass roots from the side of the largest fallow patch and, once we stood back and looked at the work we’d done, headed straight for Mitre 10. And why not? It was clearly time to finally plant that fallow patch. So the three of us grabbed our jandals, hopped in the Wingroad for the 2 minute ride downtown and arrived at the local Mitre 10 Garden Center with dreams of potatoes, watermelon and rosemary bushes swirling round in our heads.

Less than half an hour later, armed with seed packets and our trusty hoe, we bedded in our newest crops. Yep, we got our seed potatoes, our watermelon seeds and a small rosemary plant among other things. Won’t be long now before we’ll be tasting the fruits of our labor.


Speaking fruits, we are looking forward to the most delicious summer ever with the fruit trees in our and our neighbours’ yards brimming with all manner of yummy fruits. We’ve begun to harvest raspberries in our own yard and the neighbour’s yard has a plum tree that’s dragging with the weight of its fruit. One plum cake down and many many to go.

Our grapes are finally looking like proper grapes. Should have more than we can eat by new year. We are definitely thinking wine. Hmmmm… I wonder if plum wine might be a good idea.


The kiwi fruits are looking absolutely darling! Such cute little things with their fuzzy coats. Unfortunately there aren’t too many of the cute little buggers, but homegrown kiwi fruits is still the dog’s bollocks if you ask me.


The lettuces continue to provide us with near nightly salads and today we were able to add two small tomatoes and a few fennel leave for some spice. This is definitely the life. the New Zealand Life.




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