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As many of you know, I’ve recently made the big move to New Zealand. It’s been quite an adventure and one that is in no small way related to my quest for the best food I can find.

From my almost immediate trip to the local farmers’ market to my now weekly bread baking, my time in New Zealand has revolved around food. It must be said that eating out in NZ is nothing like it was in the US. I haven’t decided yet if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Family restaurants don’t seem to exist much here. Certainly not the way Americans know them. And yet the cities are teeming with cafes. We live in a town of ┬ájust over 3,000 people, but the small downtown of Warkworth has at least 4 cafes in its several blocks. We tend to eat at home a lot as a family. That’s a good thing. But where are the cheap Ceasar salads? That might just be bad.

That said, it’s easy to eat locally round here. You can’t go out driving without seeing hundreds of sheep as just as many cows. And they’re all grass-fed. The farmers’ markets and roadside stands are generous with local produce, including a few NZ-only fruits and veges.

So my lunch today comprised of the lovely NZ tamarillo, my freshly baked NZ-style rolls, a bit of sliced chicken from the deli (a definite low point in eating locally, but more on that in a later post), and a very generous smear of Vegemite. Although Vegemite is from the land of Oz, it’s NZ counterpart, Marmite (love it or hate it!), is just as tasty.

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